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A post was made on a friends blog concerning an Italian video decrying the U.S. use of White Phosphorus munitions. They seemed to be most upset at the thought, right or wrong, that it was used against civilians. I don't know if it was I can only trust my better judgement. I think media hysteria plays into this very well. The media is always upset when they feel they are not allowed to cover everything. I personally couldn't care less what the media thinks. I don't want the blinders put on, but I think there are some things that simply don't belong on television. They also called it a chemical weapon, which I suppose is technically true but then you could say anything above small arms are "chemical weapons" as they turn what the hit into plasma spawl. I came across this article today which although it's from the horses mouth it backs up pretty much what I've had to say about WP.

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El Ranchero said...

Some good points. I'm not sure about the media hysteria thing, I agree that they sex up stories but I don't think that it undermines the credibility of the central thesis, especially considering they showed video footage that appeared to corroborate their story.