Not a Monarchy?
The current state of affairs makes one wonder if some don't believe the U.S. is in fact a monarchy. Joe Galloway, of We Were Soldiers fame, makes a good point. What will it take for people to become truly upset about these abuses? I suppose so far it doesn't seem so bad, no one has come out that doesn't look suspicious (i.e. middle eastern) claiming they were spied on without reason. So maybe they are just using these tools for our own good. I'm not convinced. I am far from a paranoid pot-head who doesn't want the government knowing that I bought a dimebag because they listened to my phone. It's the fact that they openly admit to spying on American's for whatever reason that bothers me, because even if they are just using it for the WAR ON TERROR right now who's to say they won't one day say, "Hey, you know what, this could be a wonderful political tool." Far off? I think not especially not if as far as anyone is concerned its legal.


jenny said...

Thank you for the watergate link. Anytime your current president sounds just like your unlawful president, there are problems in the house. what kills me is he is using much of the same rhetoric that Nixon did and no one seems to mind!

El Ranchero said...

Yup... the most shocking thing about this administration is all the shocking things that have been revealed, only to slowly die in the news and the public mind. Valerie Plame, The Downing Street memos, domestic propaganda (e.g. Armstrong Williams-- that's illegal, too)... The fact that any single one of those didn't have dramatic repercussions for W shows how complacent and, well, somnolent the American people have become.

And to top it all off, these abuses came from the guy who freely admitted that "Things would be a lot easier is this were a dictatorship...as long as I'm the dictator."