It Just Wasn't That Fun
I really didn't enjoy the last game, did you? The next one is not supposed to be any better. I mean it's one thing to go and get hammered when we get whipped or when we win a good game, but I didn't feel like celebrating. I wouldn't whip my dogs ass around the house and then have a few cold one's with my buddies.
The game against the Sycamores is expected to be another trouncing. I have heard from people in Indiana that they don't know where Indiana State is, and don't seem to care that much. The local news outlets are looking for Tech to score 100+ points against this team. It would not be a first for Indiana State who is 0- and however many times they played Big 12 teams... ever.
I really hope that all of this doesn't equate to a huge embarrasement in Big 12 play for us. Coach Leach says that the job of the team is to improve every game. How? You don't sharpen a knife by getting it hot and running it down some butter sticks.


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El Ranchero said...

(Quick piece of advice: turn on word verification so you don't get these douchebags spamming your blog.)
I couldn't agree more. It does Tech no good to beat up these junior high caliber teams, and it's not particularly fun to a trouncing anyway, unless it's against a team you have a vendetta against or something. They're wasting valuable season time that could be better spent practicing against real teams.