The 2000 Debate
So, we have hit 2000+ KIA in Iraq. What to think about it? Well it is sad, but no more sad for me than number 1. We had an LT die in our first few days there. I was on his Bradley days before. In the military everyone that is there with you is a brother or a sister. I know you see a lot of that over played horseshit on the movies but in a sense it's very true.
Protest? Sure, I thought the war was BS long before anyone voted to send us there. (Had a pretty good idea it was gonna happen.) As far as I have seen most have not protested troops, and the ones that have are pretty isolated and seem to be longing for the glory days of excess in the name of peace and the only things left of that generation are war and dope. (Sorry, Rock n' Roll is dead) Anyway, peaceful protest against the war is fine. What isn't fine is using tools like the number 2000 to back your argument, you take something away from everyone of those people, did one not mean as much, what about 2001? Think about it from a different point of view is all I'm saying. The other thing wrong is like I said this isn't 1960 anyone who might pay attention is only going to downplay attempts at change if you behave like 60's era "hippies." Even if you don't smoke dope and live with Flowerchild in a van down by the river, all it takes is getting arrested on TV to feed the spin machine.
But to everyone regardless of whether you are participating in protest or you just support them thanks for not spitting on us when we got home, because I would have been forced to beat the shit out of you.

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