A Weekend of Ups and Downs
Well I am mostly moved in now, still have a few knick-knacks to move. Now we have the joy of unpacking to look forward to. I'm so tired today it feels like some one beat me with a golf club. We spent our first night in the house. Luckily the heater is working beautifully, I wasn't ready for the cold this morning (mostly because some of the knick-knacks mentioned earlier are all the contents of our jacket closet.)
On to the crappy part, what the hell was that game? Can someone tell me please. The O-line fell apart, fell APART. I watched the highlight reel of what seemed like 20 sacks Hodges took. I tried not to get to excited I know Texas is #2 for a reason, but I figured we'd make them play for it. I still don't get this BCS Shit. We lost one game and move down 10 spots?? Anyway, some of the commentators seem to think that if we can recover from this loss the Cotton Bowl might not be too far out of sight. I guess I can settle for being happy if we can turn our luck around with A&M at the next home game. (if they don't take their A-game to Baylor somethings wrong..)

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