A Man Speaking the Opinion of the Masses
It doesn't get any better than this. Only thing is now the party is splitting it's self up all over trying to save some face. They won't admit they were wrong in Iraq or just about anything else but they can't stand that Miers. I suppose they will really start jumping ship when all this Cheney-Delay-Rove-Plame-Laundering-Gate stuff blows wide open. In this clip a man speaks for all who are tired of it.


El Ranchero said...

The problem is you're lookin' for the wrong party to buck up and do the right thing, man. The Republican party has been thoroughly corrupted by power, and everything you're looking for in them-- accountability, introspection, ethical standards, fidelity to ideals-- was deep sixed when they took power. And as long as they keep the power, they won't feel like they need those things.

There's only one thing in American politics that can cleanse a corrupt party: spending some time as the minority party.

TioChuy said...

True very true, whats funny is I almost wish they would have taken the "Atomic Route" and done away with the filibuster. As much as it would suck for us now can you imagine how bad it will be for them later???

jenny said...

yeah, but the dems aren't really doin' much better with admitting their mistakes. until someone is willing to stand up and say, "yes, i was lied to and therefore voted for the war. now that i see what has been done, i wish i could change my vote", we will be at a stale-mate (with them in the lead).

on a slightly different note, my sister took me to a moveon.org vigil for the 2000+ dead troops last night. it worries me because of the people there, only 4 of us (that's counting me and my sister) didn't have a role in vietnam, either as a veteran or a protestor. i wonder if i am off the mark with my generation. i know most of us are unsure how to feel about the war (we want to be against the war, but for the troops and it's a difficult place to balance and explain), but do they lean more for the war than i realize? and i know my perception is affected by where i live, but (according to a nightline broadcast this week) in seattle they are working to stop recruiters in schools, but the point was made it is mostly old hippie parents that have a problem with recruiters in schools, not students. i'm not saying high school students know what is best, but either they don't feel it affects them or they don't mind how it does.

okay, so apparently i'm on a rant this morning! and i haven't even had any coffee! have a great day!